Monday, April 10, 2017

My Mom

My beautiful Mother Yurnita Kamal.  Kind person , strong will , but hard to deal with. Especially whenever our ideas are different with hers.

I love you Ma, We love you Nek..

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Our perspective what make it difference 

Collage photos - 6 August 2016

6 August 2016 
Collage photos of me, Rama manasik haji, Hasan's cute face when we were waiting to ride Camel at Ragunan zoo, and Rama together Hasan ride horses near Nenek's house. Hasan loves to ride horse , bravely ride all available horses (always). 

Learning to swim

19 Feb 2016 - Rama and Qori'ah kindergarden's friends learning swimming.

End of July 2016 - Hasan plays in the park

Dd Hasan plays  with  new friends in the park.End of July 2016

MIckey and friends fever

Rama(5 years old) and Hasan (2 years old) - 
Mickey and friends fever at Alfa Mart.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Saturday, August 04, 2012

a better look

Since i have join the current organization i work with, DANIDA, i have seen myself from different of view. Many people play fool, ignorance while they should do what they should, they pretend that they do not know, though i found out later that in the previous organization/company they have done that!!! How come they act like that? well, that for me to find out later, (though i know already, but better try to find more) I like what i see, i do things like those professional people! i adapt standards of administrative from private sectors (eg. japanese join venture bank for 5 years now becoming BOTM-UFJ, trading company, advertising company, MAERSK logistics which i love the working atmosphere very much with the highly spirited colleagues, Cipta Kreasi Indonesia-the titanic company which sink in without the right portion of management-but I became a person who appreciate fruits! Logistics and procurement with the right management will give high result! Phillips Seafoods Indonesia from which i realize Indonesia is a very rich country but we are Indonesian do not appreciate it very much.. I am not that kind of people who sell her/himself very high though they are not.. well, i will take care of myself better now, i will take high credit for myself now. Here, i learn that I should learn to sell myself to people. They need proof, I have to say a loud that I can do things!!! Oh , My God, please allow me as long as i am not becoming a snob person. well, i know that i will not.

Thank you God

Dear Allah swt.. Please reduce my burden, help me to feel gratitude toward all that i have and help me to be more patient toward all that still not i have.. Thank you for all things ya Allah swt.. Amin

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thankfull to Lord but ...

I have all that i was dreaming..supportive husband, healthty good baby son, healthy parents, my sister is happy with her family.. But ya Allah, why i feel sad? i m thinking about things that i do not have ..i am still not getting graduated from my bachelor degree..everytime i continued my study there was always things that block it. why? did not it what i need? i am afraid God..i am afraid of future is not going to be lighter for me my family, my parents, my sister's I am sorry ya Allah for things i have not done in the past, for things that i have mistakenly done in the past..please help me to get up..please show me how ya YM Mursyid..please assist me as your student..please give my husband great job ya Allah, which give him happines , steadiness, career, and give us lots of fulfill our needs, and gives to family, and others..we will not forget to give ya Allah..ya Rasulullah, please help us , please love us..amiin

Saturday, March 06, 2010


nature from the launch of renas & ran PB 19feb2010

my baby staring at...

I found out that it is cute whenever I see my son's staring at my pattern blouse. Today i found this information : that there are patterns to stimulate our baby's vision. These patterns could be used as pillow's patterns, and could be put anywhere in the house coz they are beautiful pattern. So, maybe this is why my baby son always staring at people's faces??? or he finds those faces speaks a thousands words to him? upss got to teach him that it was not polite to do..

My Mom

My beautiful Mother Yurnita Kamal.  Kind person , strong will , but hard to deal with. Especially whenever our ideas are different with he...